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Welcome to Robertson Microlit Laboratories

a full service analytical laboratory providing elemental analysis and chemical testing for the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics and related industries for more than 30 years.

We at Robertson Microlit pride ourselves on providing industry leading analytical services and rapid turnaround times. Our corporate philosophy is committed to developing a partnership with all of our clients. We are an FDA inspected, GLP/GMP compliant laboratory located in Ledgewood, NJ.

You can rely on Robertson Microlit Laboratories to offer you expert services in:

  • Trace metals analysis
  • CHN, halogen and ion chromatography testing
  • Residual Solvents analyses
  • Spectroscopy and thermal analyses
  • Method Development and Validation Services
  • Karl Fischer analysis and other titrimetry/wet chemistry techniques
  • Customized analytical services and methods to meet your needs

Explore our services and find out what Robertson Microlit can do for you.

**Please use our UPDATED RML Analysis Request Form

**USP <232>/<233> Elemental Impurities analysis is available

**We have upgraded our ICP-MS instrumentation