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About Us

Robertson Microlit Laboratories is a full-service micro-analytical testing laboratory located in Ledgewood, NJ. We began operations as Robertson Laboratory, located in Madison, NJ, in 1985 in the areas of CHN and halogen analyses. Our client base has been and continues to be pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, biotech, cosmetic, and chemical companies, as well as research clients at major universities.

In 1991, we expanded our operations with the merger of Robertson Laboratory and Microlit Laboratory into what is now RML. Our offered services expanded at that point, and we continue to add additional services and instrumentation.

New instrument additions in 2010 are the Perkin Elmer Optima 7300 ICP-OES and the Perkin Elmer Spectrum 400 FT-IR/FT-NIR Spectrometer, and in Spring 2012, we upgraded to the Perking Elmer NexION 300D ICP-MS. Our most recent acquisition, in Spring 2014, is the upgrade of our IC to the Dionex ICS-5000+ dual channel system, as well as expanding our gas chromatography system to include both FID and MS detectors.

On September 25, 2010 we relocated our operations to an updated and more expansive facility in Ledgewood, NJ. This new facility has allowed us to expand our service offerings to address additional client needs.

Throughout all of these changes, Robertson Microlit continues to offer all of our clients high quality service, rapid response times, cost effectiveness and unparalleled technical support. Our collaborative philosophy is customized to individual client needs; individual customers have direct one-on-one access to our analytical staff chemists with questions, concerns and solutions to difficult analytical problems.